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Misty Blue

Misty Blue

SKU: AcrFra-mb-101

Custom Floating Acrylic Frame

Metallic Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Size 12 x 15 



A wave of emotions filled me up and overflowed from my (paint) cup anger masked my true feelings of sadness, pain, and dismay. I want things to change for my people and I will never lose hope that they will but on the day I made this I couldn’t help feeling Misty Blue 😞

As I poured the paint I let my hands flow freely in a motion I did not choose before hand. The pattern represents every wave of emotion felt when yet another black person is senselessly murdered the black splatter representing black lives surfing the wave to real true and honest “justice for us”

When we are included in “Justice for All“ I’ll say it

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